Stronghold Siege Guide

neverwinter-stronghold-siege-topStronghold Siege is a little different from other PVP content in that you never even have to engage another player to win or to defend your SH. The mechanics are some of the most interesting the game currently has to offer, and the rewards from the weekly Master of Coin quest are pretty darn awesome, even if you never do any other PVP. So let’s dive right into it.


The whole match revolves around supplies. You need them to build up the offense to attack the enemy’s SH, which is the only way to win. You can get supplies in a number of different ways:
  1. Killing enemy siege engineers (probably your main source).
  2. Destroying enemy supply depots. More on those later.
  3. Defeating enemy players if they happen to be carrying supplies themselves.
  4. Capturing horses, sending them to your SH, then picking up the supplies there.
Siege supplies held
Currently holding 9 supplies
Siege supply on ground
Supply bag on the ground
So now that you got yourself some supplies, what do you do with them?

Supply Depots

There are 3 lanes in the map: top, middle and bottom.
Siege map
The opposing strongholds are at the east and west end of the map, and the lanes connect them to each other. Each lane has 2 supply depots. Each team starts the match controlling the 3 depots closest to its SH. If you control a depot, you can add supplies or bring a horse to it, which will increase its HP. If your enemy controls the depot, you can destroy it, which will make it become unowned and scatter some supplies. If a depot is unowned, you can add supplies to it manually to take control of it.


The main offensive weapon you’re gonna use are catapults. There’s also a dragon, but I’ve never seen it feature prominently in any match I’ve been in, so I’m not gonna spend too much time talking about it. The dragon mechanic is also quite simple: a few minutes into the match, golems will start to appear on the map. You kill a golem, pick up the coin it drops, deposit it into your SH. Several minutes later, the dragon shows up and attacks the team with the least coins.
Back to catapults. There are 3 locations around your enemy’s SH where they can be built: top lane, middle lane, bottom lane. You have to control both supply depots in the lane you wanna build the catapults in. It takes 4 supplies to build a catapult from scratch, but you can do it in more than one trip. The catapult will have some ammo to start firing right away, but it will run out. You can add more supplies manually to refill the ammo or bring a horse to the catapult.


There will be several horses scattered around the map at the beginning of the match. You can capture them and send them to run on auto-pilot to your SH, or have them follow you. The latter will allow you to escort it to a supply depot, to which the horse will add its supplies and disappear into horsey heaven, or to a catapult, where the horse will add ammo. As the match progresses, new horses will spawn.


Your defense consists of 3 things: ballistas, reinforcing your SH and depots, and attacking enemy catapults. If you understand the basics of using supplies for offense, defense is pretty simple: you can build ballistas at pre-determined locations, and repair or reinforce your SH and depots. That is according to the game tutorial. I’ve tried a couple of times and couldn’t observe the SH HP going up by sending supplies there. It seems you need to add the supplies to a specific location, but I could never find it.
There’s a little more detail and strategy, but I don’t wanna spoil the fun of figuring it out yourself. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what to do, and you don’t have to run around feeling useless.

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